About Us

We can offer either a higher quality product at a comparable price or a better price at a comparable quality. GKC has partnered with the leading manufacturers in the world in every product category. Each of our partner manufacturers offers a vast array of product selection which is empowering you as our client and your GKC kitchen designer to create your dream kitchen using any style at any price point.

The GKC product value proposition is unmatched, but that’s not all.

Our corporate mission is client focused which means that we will always do whatever is necessary in order to make you a happy client. We believe that it is our job to turn every relationship into a friendship. This means that every single one of our team members is dedicated to forming long lasting relationships which should last forever.

GKC has developed the leading infrastructure and resources in the kitchen industry which is allowing us to provide you with the best possible service through-out the entire process from design to completion of your project. The backbone of GKC is the ordering department which consists of technical designers who are completely focused on converting kitchen designs to orders with the factories. This is one of the most important parts in the kitchen industry since turning a great design into a great order is the most challenging and most unknown parts of the process.

At GKC we welcome any inquiry and are looking forward to working with you on your next project. Becoming the market leader was not an easy task, but staying number one and making sure you are 100% satisfied is even more challenging, but because we love what we do so much it makes it easy for us to work hard for you.